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Ant Control

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Controlling and preventing ant infestations can be difficult because of the resilience, versatility, and longevity of ant populations.

There are actually more than a dozen different types of ants that can infest homes and other properties, and each presents problems for property owners that desire comfortable, safe premises.

Some species of ants simply gather food and increase in population without having much damage on the structure itself. Others, like carpenter ants, can cause large amounts of damage in the structure’s wood. Controlling ant populations is thus important for more than just comfort; it is also important for maintaining the integrity of the building.

Our experts can work with property managers and homeowners to identify and assess ant infestations, in addition to planning out the right course of action for dealing with these critters.

Ants can enter properties through the tiniest cracks and crevices, and our professionals can pick out spaces where ants are most likely to enter and seal them effectively to prevent future infestation. When infestation is identified, the exterminator uses pressurizing equipment to destroy the mound and eliminate the ant population, providing a quick and effective solution to the ant problem.

Our company also focuses on long-lasting solutions for eliminating infestations in Acadiana. Sugarland can work with the property manager or homeowner to lay out strategies for avoiding ants in the future, and our exterminators will utilize environmentally safe pesticides to keep the ants from reappearing down the road. Our exterminators bring high quality and experience to all of our ant infestation jobs.

Sugarland Exterminating provides ant control in addition to a variety of other extermination services, including cockroach and mosquito control, for homes and businesses across Acadiana. Our professionals provide high-quality service in addressing infestation problems of all sorts (including termites and rodents), and we will work with property owners to make sure that infestation problems are eliminated once and for all.

Sugarland Exterminating offers full service pest & termite control programs throughout Acadiana and Southwest Louisiana.

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