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Termite Inspection

Sugarland Exterminating

Termites can be extremely destructive, considering their small size. Termite infestations can result in significant home repair bills, so treating homes with anti-termite spray has become the standard practice for new home construction.

Still, termites cause tremendous problems for owners of older homes, so it is important for homeowners to be active in observing possible infestations and calling the proper experts when problems arise.

Our firm can provide full termite inspection and control services for residents and business owners in Acadiana. As our expert exterminators inspect the premises, they look out for any possible signs of termite infestations around the complete interior of the home, in addition to circling the exterior to check for possible decay. In order to provide comprehensive service in addressing organisms that destroy the wood in homes or commercial buildings, our inspectors may also check attic areas for infestation and damage.

Termite inspections can be important for homeowners even when no infestations are found. Termites are very small—approximately the shape and color of rice—but they tend to group up, making infestations highly distinct. However, even when no infestation is found, the home may exhibit evidence of damage. Sugarland exterminators can identify infestations easily through examinations of wall surfaces and areas of the structure in which termite infestations are common.

The termite inspection that Sugarland Exterminating provides for members of the Acadiana communities is the first step in addressing the concerns the homeowner may have over possible infestations.

In some cases, no termite infestation is found, and the customer can rest easy knowing that their home is safe. In these cases, and when termite damage is found without evidence of a current infestation, Sugarland Exterminating can also provide full termite treatment, ensuring that the structure does not experience similar problems in the future.

And, when termites are found, our experts can take care of the infestation quickly and effectively, in addition to assisting the property owner with termite prevention for the future.

Sugarland Exterminating offers full service pest & termite control programs throughout Acadiana and Southwest Louisiana.

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