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Bee and Wasp Control

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Some bees, such as honeybees, can be quite beneficial. They help with pollination, and nearly everyone likes that sweet taste of honey. However, sometimes, they can live in some rather inconvenient places, like the walls of your home or business in Acadiana. Some people might have allergies to stings from bees and other similar insects, and having them on the property could actually be deadly. Other times, you might have wasps, yellow jackets, and other types of stinging insects on the property.

What are you to do when you run into this problem? Chances are that you’ve probably had relatives or friends who tell you that you can handle the nest on your own or that you should knock it down or you should use smoke to get them out and then destroy the nest. These types of ideas, while they might be well meaning on the parts of your friends and family, are not the course of action that you want to take.

When you agitate a nest of bees or wasps, you will find that they are going to get rather angry very quickly. You’d feel the same if someone came and tried to shake you out of your home! These insects are going to try to defend their nest, and that means they can sting. Even those who do not have allergies could be in some serious trouble if they receive enough stings. Bee and wasp removal can turn into a dangerous situation very quickly.

You need to make sure that you are enlisting the help of professionals who have experience when it comes to bee and wasp control, and who have the equipment and protective gear to do the job right. Talk with us at Sugarland Exterminating about getting the help you need. We’ve been helping those in Acadiana for many years now and we can help your home or business too.

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