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Commercial Inspection

Commercial Inspection - Sugarland Exterminating

Sugarland Exterminating provides a full host of services, including full commercial inspection and infestation control.

While rodent and termite infestations are most commonly associated with homes, they are equally likely to occur in commercial buildings, and they can cause significant damage (in addition to creating an uncomfortable and unsafe work environment).

Sugarland Exterminating works with property managers in Acadiana to assess infestation issues and identify the best plan of attack for reducing pest populations and keeping the workplace safe and comfortable for the human residents of the building.

Our commercial service begins with a comprehensive review of the building, including the interior and exterior, and our exterminators pay special attention to the areas in which rodents and pests are most likely to enter and reside on commercial premises. These critters are able to move through very small spaces that seem impassable to the untrained eye, but our specialists have years of experience identifying breaches in the exterior of a building and signs of infestation in interior spaces.

As our exterminators conduct their inspection, they will identify exactly what type of infestation the building is facing and what the most effective solutions will be for each building’s circumstances. Our company utilizes environmentally friendly materials in reducing pest populations, working to keep the area safe as we eliminate infestation problems.

Of course, simply reducing existing populations of pests or rodents is an ineffective solution to infestation problems, as these populations will simply return over time, given the opportunity. In order to prevent this from occurring, our exterminators use preventative measures to make things more difficult for intruders. Our exterminators examine the spaces most likely to allow pests into the building and seal them off from future intrusion. In appropriate cases, we will also use chemical solutions to provide long-term protection against pests or rodents.

To solve your commercial building’s infestation problems in Acadiana call Sugarland Exterminating today.

Sugarland Exterminating offers full service pest & termite control programs throughout Acadiana and Southwest Louisiana.

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